Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Who Am I?

Mom loves my fashion sense.

I'm able to match on my own.

Though I'm usually pretty traditional, every once in a while I pull out something a little funky.

Who am I?


  1. Nana said ... Very nice outfit Charity, I love you!

  2. Oh no.... Nana hasn't posted yet! and she always knows... not me! This is very tough - you look very grown up... I want to guess Prayer and I will restate it is a guess!

    My very pretty Granddaughter-that's who you are!Love ya!

  3. yay Jamie! (I'm assuming it was a guess? lol)

    Yes, it's Eve. :) I guess it's harder to tell when only one of them is in the picture...

  4. lol yay me!!! lol but ya your right Jac it was a total guess! I have gotten all of the other ones wrong, so I figured I would try again (thinking I would get this one wrong too)

  5. Nana said...Wow Eve!?! Nice outfit. Yes, you got me this time. Sorry Evie. I will try not to let it happen again. Next time stand next to one of your sisters in a picture cause it's hard to see your personaliy.


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