Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Women Will Do for a $2 Tank Top

This past weekend, was Old Navy's $2 tank top sale. I don't usually bother going to these things, because the hassle of the crowds, and the line ups aren't usually worth it... but $2 tank tops, come on! So out I went at 8:30am Saturday morning to line up outside in the pouring rain. I figured that since it was raining, there wouldn't be much of a line. At quarter to 9, when I arrived, there were easily 20 people in front of me. Another 20-30 lined up behind me before the doors opened. Including 2 smokers in front of me, and a very outspoken mother who's son had asthma (and no puffer) behind me. I quietly leaned up against the wall, and shielded myself with my umbrella....

When the doors finally opened, it wasn't the madness I imagined! Everyone was walking calmly into the store. Well, until they reached the ONE small table stacked high with tank tops. Then, the chaos began. I was thankful for my long limbs at this point. I reached over everyone, grabbed my size, and headed to the back to find the girls' tops. I passed several women crouched in corners, sorting through the pile of shirts that they had swiped off the table and into their bags. Others were at the back in the kids section, pulling out shirts that they had supposedly hid the day before!? Seriously!?? Yep.

No one was at the back, so I grabbed each of the girls one and a super cute pair of black yoga pants for Ella a half price pair of khakis for Scott, and lined up... behind 50 other people.

Now here is where it gets interesting. People are still flooding in the doors, the table is empty, and there are women in line with 20 shirts in their bag! (there was a limit of 5 per person) As the lined moved up, more and more people started just dumping their extras on random tables. People raced for them! It was hilarious. Then, they started climbing the store ladders, to pull down the displays up above the shelves. After someone fell off, one of the three cashiers working had to run to the back and try to stop them. All that everyone in line was concerned about was that we lost a cashier... ha.

The next thing that happened kind of shocked me. Women, full-grown women, as in Moms, with kids!... started pulling the arms off of mannequins, so that they could strip them down to get at the tank tops underneath!

Thankfully, I was at the front of the line by this point, and we had our third cashier back. I think that next time I go to one of these sales, I'll have to bring along my camera. I had Scott's cell phone, but I haven't figured out how to use the camera yet. Next time.... Though, I heard that the $1 flip flop sale was 10x as bad... so on second-thought, I may just sleep through the next one...


In the meantime, Elijah is now a little speed demon on his two-wheeler.

Jeddy got a helmet.
Mostly, cause it scares me to watch Elijah push him around so fast on his bike!

Oh, and no more toad kissing!

Daddy was not pleased!

He made me google, "diseases from toads."
I didn't find anything. (I already knew I wouldn't.)

This is for you, hun. Just because I love ya! ;)

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  1. You were so brave to head into those crowds.....not for me! And I love Jeddy's new helmet. Tell Daddy that after all the dirt he has eaten he shouldn't worry about one little toad!


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