Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Overview

Saturday, we went to one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been to. Not because it was the fanciest, or most expensive... It was simple, and beautiful. Of course, for the first time in years I didn't have any kleenex in my purse. I really could have used some kleenex... I cried through the entire ceremony, and most of the reception. The bride's Mom passed away a few years ago to cancer, and instead of seating the mother of the bride, a bouquet of roses was carried down the aisle and placed on the piano. I was in tears as soon as I saw that. I know what it's like to wonder what it would have been like to have my Dad there at important times. To give me away at my wedding, to see me as a mother, to meet his grandchildren... Though the situations are different, and I'm sure more difficult for her to go through losing her mother as a teenager... Thankfully, we both know that we'll see them again someday.

But I know the bittersweet feeling on special occassions, and I couldn't stop crying.

OK! Well, enough about that!

It. Was. Beautiful.

We drove around Guelph in the afternoon, looking for the Arboretum. Thinking it was going to be some sort of gorgeous greenhouse gardens or something.... We found it. It was an old worn out shed, and some baby trees in a field? Not sure why there were so many signs about that place. Maybe we were missing something?

Instead, we came upon this gorgeous Catholic church.
The school beside it had been rebuilt in 1916! I was amazed by the size of it. I'm not usually all that "awed" by architecture, but I could have walked around and looked at this building for hours.
Unfortunately, there was a wedding going on, and when we drove around front to get some pictures, a man in a black suit, standing out front, gave us a very dirty look. Scott said I should get out and take a picture, but I was slightly intimidated by the scary guy at the doors.... so we left.

On the drive home, we once again attempted to catch a sunset, and failed. But we had fun anyhow!
Love him...

Sunday, we spent the day at church, came home for a BBQ picnic and then naps! The perfect Sunday afternoon.

That night, Scott wasn't feeling well so I took the kids to church alone. We left at 5pm and almost hit some teenage girl, who turned in front of me without so much as signalling, or looking, or anything. She actually jumped when she turned her head and saw my van 5 feet from her passenger door. We drove by my aunt's house to drop something off, but no one was home. I really should have called first! We hopped on the 401 (usually 10 minutes to church from there) well, it was stopped. So it took 10 minutes to get to the next exit. During this time, Jeddy announced, "Me have no diaper! Me hab to go pee!" Wonderful. Hoping he didn't wet himself, we continued on to church. Half an hour later, we arrived. With no diaper bag... Never the less, we had a great evening at church. Complete with me searching the premises for Keona, who was "just having a conversation" with her friend.

"Polhamus bus is leaving!"
For those of you who will remember that...

It was pouring as we got in the van, so I left Keona out in the rain to do up carseats while I sat nice and dry in the van. :) Then we discussed ideas for her birthday party the whole way home... July is always fun.
Watching the storm on Sunday night.

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