Monday, June 29, 2009

Thank You, BOGO!

Saturday morning, after a late night out at soccer...

Where Ella mooched freezee from everyone she could find...
...Charity came to me to show me the blister on her foot from her shoes. And there is where it all began...

Charity, apparently out-grew her shoes already. Oh, so did Eve... And of course, Prayer. Keona comes in with a "Me too!" and Elijah followed. Then Jeddy comes running in, announcing, "Me need new shoes too-ooo!"

You must be kidding me.... Why can't they grow out of shoes one at a time?

So off we went to Payless, to purchase six pairs of running shoes. Usually, Jeddy just wears Elijah's old shoes, but unfortunately, his running shoes didn't survive.

On the way there, our van was making a horrid noise. It sounded like something was scraping the road. Sure enough, when we pulled over to have a look, something had detached from underneath the van, (don't ask me what it was)and was scraping the road while we drove.... Detour to Canadian Tire, where we got the van fixed. Well, Scott fixed it... With some duct tape...

"Hit the curb all you want now, Jac. The duct tape will flex."
Thanks hun.

OK, back on track to Payless. Twenty minutes, and 100 "no not those" "I want laces" "I need velcro" "Too tight" Too loose" "Too white" "Too black" "how about these?" "No, we're not here for dress shoes!"s later.... we had six pairs of running shoes and were out the door.
When I hopped in the van and Scott saw the bottom of the receipt, he said, "You spent $60?? Wow, that's pretty good!" Ummm... no hun, I SAVED $60... spent much more than that. Thank you, BOGO.

After the shoe extravaganza, I had to run in to Loblaws and pick up a few things. Who on earth knows why I decided to go to self -checkout on a Saturday afternoon.... but I did! Where I waited behind and elderly lady who had to fix her glasses and call over the cashier for every. single. item. But I never get annoyed with such things. Believe me, I'm perfectly, 100% patient and understanding, at all times. NOT. Ok sorry.

Back in the duct-taped van, I gave all my kids a snack and we were off! Supposedly, we went on "vacation" for a day. To Port Perry... Atleast that's what one of the girls was telling people at church the next day. They spent twenty minutes climbing a fallen down tree branch. My kids are so easy to please! :)
Saturday night, we relaxed. I cut Keona's hair! She asked me to. I think she may be a bit like me with her spur-of-the-moment decisions... She says, "I think I want my hair all one length. Will you do it now, Mom!?" How I know that feeling. Pictures to come.

Scott bought us a giant box of licorice, so I we indulged slightly during our family Mario Kart tournament.

Once the kids were in bed, I checked my email, and there was a pleasant surprise waiting for me! Jeddy's toad-kissing picture, was in the top ten on I heart faces!!!

I didn't even check because I never expected it to make it. I'm just thrilled, that out of about 430 photos, many of which were taken by professionals, I was top ten! Meanwhile, I know it's only because my crazy, creepy-crawly-loving son, was actually kissing a toad! The same son who tried to hand me an earwig that he was carrying around last night...


  1. such great shoes and a great day vacation! You gotta love your son... maybe I'll borrow him to pick up some bugs at my house! (I hate problems with vans!)

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  3. your blog is hilarious. and congrats on the photo... Doesn't surprise me!


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