Thursday, June 18, 2009


I told the kids all day, that there was going to be a surprise tonight. Naturally, they pestered me all afternoon to figure out what it was. While I was in the kitchen with Eve, I teased her saying, "Your new family is coming! We're going to sell you. People pay a lot of money for cute kids like you guys! Plus, we can always have more..." Let me just say, that she totally knew I was kidding. We were both laughing about it as she joked back. What I didn't know.... is that Elijah was in the living room listening in, and when I looked in- he was crying! I felt so horrible! I couldn't believe that he actually thought I was serious. So I scooped him up, and told him that I wouldn't sell him for a gazillion dollars, and that I would cry everyday if he was gone! Then I kissed him and kissed him, until he was wiping them off and pushing me away! He knows that he's loved. :)

The real surprise was Nana and Papa coming over with some new to them bikes! Two of the girls had out-grown last year's bikes and needed new ones. Keona makes me a little nervous on her new 5 speed. I'll be OK as long as she doesn't try to pop-a-wheelie like Papa did... Even though Elijah said, "That was funny Papa! Do it again!"
I somehow doubt that will happen.
Prayer has spent the last couple of weeks moping around while her sisters rode their bikes. She was happy tonight as well. Meet "Storm"...
Yes, she named her bike...

Last week, I took Elijah's training wheels off, and we told him that he was going to learn to ride a two-wheeler. The stubborn child (definitely, Scott's son) refused to even try. Tonight, Papa convinced him to give it a go... By the end of the night, he almost made it all the way around the path by himself! He just needs help to get going...
Ella is going to be a little daredevil. She climbs up onto the tricycle by herself and then stands on the seat. Here she is climbing up the slide to try and get the phone...
Attempting to hold herself there with her face, so she can use her hands to grab it!
Oops... didn't work so well!
Jeddy walked around collecting worms in a bucket, which Elijah rode over... Some of them didn't survive it. When he brought me his bucket, there were several worms- in pieces... No pictures of that... way too gross!

Scott was home. He bbq'd steak, we ate, phone rang, and he had to go back in to finish something that had to ship tonight. Hopefully, he'll be back soon...

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