Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our Vacation Day

We love long drives together. Just holding hands and looking at stuff out the window on a nice sunny day with big puffy clouds. And that is exactly what we got on Saturday. 22 degrees, light wind, and almost ZERO clouds until after dinner. What an amazing day. Here's some of our adventure:

Just after we left Whitby, we saw the sun beaming through the clouds.

We stopped in Lindsay to top up the tank.

We took a back road down to Sturgeon Lake.

We ate lunch beside Fenelon Falls.

We had a bug that kept landing on Scott's plate, and refused to die... then when I got in the car, it was on his window waiting for him.

We (read- Scott) went fishing, in a cove off of Balsam Lake. We could see the fish, but not catch the fish.

We think this was the Talbot River...
Where Scott saw (and didn't catch) more fish. I had to entertain myself, while he fished for an hour on the side of the road...and didn't catch anything.

I found this adorable little bird's nest. It was maybe 4 inches across. I peeked inside, hoping to see some tiny little eggs, or better yet, some baby birds! Instead... was full of catapillars. Eewww....

So, I took pictures of flowers....

...and more pictures of flowers....

We saw a big snake. It creeped Scott out. I wanted to catch it and scare him... But he said, no.

So we left that place. It was a little windy.

Take two.

On the way home we stopped at the perfect place for sunset pictures. Except that it was too cloudy and there wasn't going to be much of a sunset. There were some horses in the field on the side of the road, so Scott suggested I take a picture. I reluctantly got out to take a picture that I wasn't all that interested in. The horse was pretty far away, so I clicked my tongue (like I do to call my cats) just to get him to look my way. He looked....

He started walking towards me. He came right up beside the fence. I could have touched him.

Then, he just stood there, stared at me, and let me take his picture. When I was done, he went back to eating grass...
There ended up being a sunset after all. It was just to the east, instead of the west...and it was magnificent.

Thank God for a great day together.


  1. aww... looks like you had a great time - other than the bugs, caterpillars, etc.... great shots too! Just one question... how does the sun set in the east?

  2. haha... it didn't really "Set" in the east. West of where we were was cloudy and dark, but to the east, was light pink and purple clouds. That's all ... :)

  3. Nana said...Wow nice pictures. I guess Scott is like his Dad when it comes to snakes too. Hahahahaha!! Dan didn't want me to pick up the one in my garden either.

  4. Love those flower pictures, Jac. You are getting soooo good at this photography thing. I have to catch up. :D


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