Monday, June 1, 2009

"Me, good...."

The first thing Jeddy said to Daddy on the phone tonight, "Me, good!"
Translated: I'm being a good boy.
The conversation should have gone something like this...

"I was a good boy today, Daddy.
Well, except when I broke Mom's perfume bottle and poured it all over my pants.
I kinda, sorta, put a whole roll of paper towel in a sink full of water, too.
Oh, and I forgot about when I pushed Ella across the living room as fast as I could on her little car, and she crashed into the gate.
But I was good today, honest.
Even though I shook powder all over the bathroom floor, and sink...
There was also the time that I sat on Ella's head while we were playing on the couch...
but she bit my leg!
OK... so she only bit me cause I was sitting on her and wouldn't get off...
Even when she was screaming at me...
But other then that, I was a good boy today, Dad!"


  1. Papa says : I think he takes after his daddy when he was in his 2's. Boys will be boys.Polhamus boys will not soon be forgotten.Way to go Jeddy.

  2. Oh my....well he was GOOD for the minute he was on the telephone with Daddy! Poor Ella she is going to be one tough girl!


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