Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just For Fun...

... I decided to make my little brother pose for a few pictures today.
Let me just say, he hates having his picture taken just as much now, as he did years ago in the Walmart photo studio.

Such a boy...
But I still love you.

Seeing as he can throw the football better while lying down, than I can when I try my hardest standing up... I figured it was a good prop for him.

He would not crack a smile.

He's still just as handsome, but I wanted a real smile.

On the way home from school today, he told me how he had jumped off of a 20 foot branch in a tree... I asked him how he hadn't broken anything! A few minutes later, he decided the branch was just a little bit higher than my head... Ha!

So while taking the pictures, I started teasing him about jumping out of a tree, and asked him if it was 50 feet now? Maybe one hundred???

It got him smiling anyhow.
Love ya Robbie!


  1. awwww Robbie is getting so big, and more handsome by the day! Great pictures Jac. And Robbie you have a great smile, show it off Bud!

  2. Jackie, you're a pro! I love your photos! I have to catch up with my dslr learning...then we can be partners in photography! :)

  3. Yes we need to see his smile MORE! Good work Jaclyn!

  4. He's gorgeous... he should smile more!


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