Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Girl's Gotta Do, What A Girl's Gotta Do

My house has been over run lately. Bills, pictures, notes, and other miscellaneous items piling up on the microwave. Soaps, creams, shampoos, and hair stuff all over the bathroom. I could have hid under the piles of laundry... while standing up. It was getting to be a little much, while the kids and I were finding our summer balance.

(I love being done with school for the year! Another post about that coming soon.)

Scott lovingly, or maybe not-so-lovingly, kicked my butt into gear. So, off I was (reluctantly at first) to get organized for the summer.

Just a quick before and after- because no one really cares to see my messy microwave.

I bought bins and boxes in all shapes and sizes from the dollar store. Though the dollar store should really be called a "Two-Dollar Store" now.... Anyhow, I spent maybe $15 and got stuff to organize my kitchen and bathroom.

Along with a bag of rock-hard banana candies. Sarah explained to me that dollar stores don't put due dates on their snacks for a reason... I insisted that candy never goes bad.

They may not be the fanciest baskets, but our kids kill everything anyways.... so spending a ton of money would have been pretty pointless! And anything is better than the mess, right?

The ones for the bathroom are a bit cuter. Especially with a baby sitting in them...

FYI- I am totally caught up on all that laundry.
Feels good.

Don't know if this counts as "thrifty", but Ella has worn sandals ever since she has needed shoes. Today, was a little too cool for her to have bare feet, so I went inside to find her a pair of running shoes. Surely, after having four girls I would have one pair that would fit her. Nope. I found one shoe. Not a pair.... a single, individual, shoe.

So.... she wore her brother's old shoes. Cute dress, tights, and all...

Sometimes a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do!

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  1. I love it - Ella is so cute in the shoes! and you are a very organized person Jaclyn - you just need to redo things sometimes!

  2. i thought i was the only person that used the top of the microwave as a catch all. Now I have a pretty decorative bowl sitting on top that I put stuff in. It holds nails, crayons, tape, grocery receipts, and an electronic game to keep the kids busy while I cook. I am way too disorganized to handle 7 kids but I am getting better.



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