Friday, June 5, 2009

Flashback Friday: Thwee Sissers

She was so proud of her little sisters. She told everyone about them, and I mean everyone!

She would literally turn to someone in the aisle of a grocery store and let them know that she had "thwee sissers at home." She would then proceed to tell them, their names and ages, and her favourite colour, and what she wanted for dinner, and if they were really lucky... she'd offer to sing the national anthem for them, which she learned watching playoff hockey with her Daddy.

She has always been quite the chatterbox, and she has taught her sisters well. The four of them can talk up a storm. There are times, when it turns into yelling, because they're trying to speak over eachother.

My friend's son, who is Elijah's age, was over a few weeks ago, and during lunch he said, "Why can't you all just talk normal!? Like me!" (As he yelled it over them!) They were being a tad bit noisy...

Inside voices! Inside voices!

Poor Scott.... I can only imagine when they're teenagers... :)

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  1. so cute! and yes, Keona is a great big sister!


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