Friday, June 19, 2009

Flashback Friday: Spontaneous Identical Triplets

It's a girl!
And a girl!...
And another girl!
"A" is Eve, cause she was the lowest and was supposed to be born first. She used my bladder as a punching bag. Even though she wasn't- she has the attitude of an "oldest."

"B" is Charity, who kicked the most, and stuck a limb in the way to be firstborn by 1 minute. Yet, she has the personality of a middle child.

"C" is Prayer, who was lodged under my ribs, and caused a Dr. to have to put an entire arm into my abdomen to get her out. Thank you Prayer. And yes, she fits the "youngest" title.

To this day, they are all still within half a pound, and half an inch of each other...

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