Friday, June 12, 2009

Flashback Friday: Nova Scotia

This was by far, the best road trip I've ever been on. Mostly, because I got to watch my kids see, and enjoy, all sorts of new things. Kids make everything more fun!

Using airmiles to pay for all of our hotels, and then having our rooms upgraded for free because they saw how many kids we had, wasn't bad either... :)

Because this is how they slept in the first hotel...

It didn't really seem to bother them too much. Thankfully, at the next place, the sweet lady at the front desk gave up a suite. It had 2 separate rooms, each with a tv, 2 bathrooms, 2 double beds, a pull out couch, a fold out chair, and our own private patio. And we were worried about them seeing how many kids we had! It was that same hotel, where a sweet older man paid for our breakfast the following morning. We didn't know until after he left, and we never got the chance to thank him...

We all have so many memories from that trip... Including a giant butterfly getting in the van while we were driving, and Keona having a meltdown because of it.

Attempting to eat lunch on a deserted beach surrounded by forest, until Scott mentioned for me to watch for bears... ha! I was slightly paranoid after that, and we didn't stay very long.

Then Eve threw up her lunch after driving along a very bumpy dirt road.

Me, running past a guy closing and locking the Walmart doors, so that I could buy her a new sweater, cause she threw up all over hers and we had a 3 hour ferry ride ahead of us.

All the kids falling asleep on the ferry, and us trying to get them all down the stairs and back into the van.

The kids waking up the next morning in the hotel, and thinking we were still on the ferry. Walking out too far on the beach, not realizing the tide was coming IN, and then being stranded on a sand bar with 6 kids. I was sure that one of us was going to be stung by a jellyfish or bitten by a crab...

Not knowing that PEI dirt is so red that it dyed all of our shoes (and some of our clothes) a dirty orange colour.

Missing our ferry that we rushed to get to, and having the best day of our vacation driving around Digby, Nova Scotia while waiting for the next one.

We found out that Quebec, has the coolest parks and craziest highways.

We now know it doesn't take much wind to blow Old Navy flip flops off of a ferry.

Jeddy was afraid of the van for the first few weeks we were home. I think he thought he'd be stuck in his seat for days again!

Scott and I tried RedBull for the first, and last time while taking turns driving. We did however, stop at Tim Hortons several times an hour a day.

It was grand.

Ahhh... we're saving up our airmiles so we can do it all again!

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