Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Filthy, Little, Ragamuffins

My kids would spend all day everyday outside. Which would be fine, if I didn't have to spend all day outside with them...

Ella enjoyed having lunch out front...

My garden is coming along nicely. Except for these pesky little aphids trying to take over my favourite rose bush...
They killed 2 of my rose buds already! My green-thumbed neighbour gave me a solution to spray on them that should kill them... we hope.

She also gave me a little gardening tip. Because we both garden bare-handed, no gloves! Our fingernails get pretty filthy. She told me to scratch a bar of soap before I garden. That way my nails are filled with bar soap, and the dirt can't get in. It works wonderfully! Plus, when you rinse your hands afterwards, your nails are super clean. I love my neighbour! :)

She also showed us these adorable little baby birds, who built a nest in a hanging basket.

I think this one was hungry...

We were a little scared that mama was going to come back. Yesterday, she killed a squirrel!

Don't mess with mama.

Speaking of killing... Jeddy has become obsessed with worms. Or "snakes" as he sometimes call them. He brought me this one today, after dropping it repeatedly, while riding around on his bike with it.

"Oh no! My worm is dead!"

Needless to say, my children were...




...by the end of the day.
In serious need of showers and a vinegar hair rinse!


Now, time for me to workout. I'm thinking that maybe if I say it out loud, I'm more likely to stick with it?

Probably not...
but for tonight anyways!

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