Saturday, June 20, 2009

" Dad, I had to go..."

Today I boldly went where no man has gone before…. Out with his three 6 year olds and one 5 year old to a Senior’s home. What an adventurous couple of hours.

Jaclyn stayed home today from our regular monthly visit to minister at Winbourne Park, taking care of Ella, Keona, and Jeddy. Jed was breathing like a bear last night, so we figured he was probably contagious enough to keep home. Keona and Ella both were emptying our household supply of tissue and so it was just the others and myself going to play the piano, sing, preach, and pray for our family’s favourite elderly folk. And so it began….

Eve, spent the morning practicing to play the piano for me, while I did the song leading without Johnny Yeomans for the first time. (I miss you Johnny!) She did a nice job playing the Old Rugged Cross, Amazing Grace, and eventually Jesus Loves Me at the end of our little service. Unfortunately Eve doesn’t know how to adjust the song so a low voiced song butcher like me can song lead. So, I, trying not to sound like something was wrong, nearly had my face explode trying to sing the right notes. We didn’t sing the last verse of the first song. Instead I just said “Amen” after the second chorus and started announcing the next song number… and catching my breath. Oh man.

When we finished singing, I invited the triplets to come forward and they did their scripture dramatization of Genesis chapter 3. They are good! I wish they could have taken speech class for me. I would have gotten a better grade.

I gave a short message about the effectual fervent prayer of a senior citizen, trying to encourage them that even though they were not as physically capable to help others as they once were, there was still amazing power to be used in their prayer time with God. We shared some prayer requests, and next month we will spend our ministry time emphasizing on praising and giving thanks. To those who didn’t know, Senior citizens have the ear of God. Be nice to them.

We closed the service and went to our favourite time of the visit, the visiting! We spent the next 20 minutes talking… or listening to the Winbourne Park residents. They are so sweet, and they just love the kids. For instance…

Charity sat and talked to a nice man named Jim, who came in a little late for the service. He caught the end of my preaching and sat at the back just nodding his head and smiling. I thought he was senile, but actually, he was just enjoying the message! Charity made him cry just before we left. He was so pleased to sit and talk to a child for 15 minutes I guess, and they are such a joy to talk to.

Elijah, was a little shy, and at first would only talk to the resident cat, which had decided to show up halfway through the service.

Prayer, talked to one of our regular and most “aware” attendees. I don’t recall her name: Prayer would. “So yes, I was born in Prince Edward Island,” the lady said. “I lived there for a long time. Got married, and then after a while moved out here. I had a good life.” Prayer, leaning on her hand over the edge of the nearby couch and tapping her finger on her cheek said as only Prayer could, “And then you came to the Senior’s Home.” I had to hide my face and go listen to someone else talk. Prayer just has no idea that she’s so dense… ha ha ha.

Eve was standing talking to one of our first time attendees named May. She wouldn’t stop talking. She just told Eve everything that popped into her head for a good 15 minutes, from the moment I had closed the service and Eve had gotten up from the piano. It was nice…. So I thought.

As I was standing, talking with Charity and Jim, Eve came over to me with a concerned look on her face, “Dad…. Dad. I had to go so bad.” “You HAD to go?” I said with inquiry. “Yeah, I went. I COULDN’T HOLD IT… I don’t have to go now…”

I guess not. Eve had left a puddle on the carpet about a foot to the left of May’s wheelchair the size of a scrabble board. When I saw it, I walked over toward May and my eyebrows both went up. Wow, that was a lot of pee… May leaned over and looked at the puddle, and looked up to me, and said, “Is that your dog?” I tried not to laugh. I really, really tried… But I laughed. It was all too much for me. Eve somehow didn’t cry, which was good, because I think May would have if she did. Maybe she would have thought my dog was dead… I don’t know. It was priceless. Thank God, Lindsay, the nursing home employee just chuckled and said, “Don’t worry about it.” That was exactly what I wanted to hear.

Eve had been so proud of herself for being the best piano player, and having the special job of playing the piano when we left… But when we got home and were making fun of her a little at the table during dinner, she was… humble. lol

When we asked her about what happened she said. “The senior just wouldn’t stop talking and I didn’t want to interrupt her. I had to pee so bad I was shaking! And then, I just went.” Yup… ya did Eve. A good memory for the wedding reception one day I guess.

It was actually so much fun, I almost just want to take them myself again next time. It’s funny how God works things out.

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  1. So glad it went so well - and so many memories in just a short time! Love you all!

  2. Oh my... poor Eve. Points for being polite and not interrupting though.


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