Saturday, May 16, 2009


In all the world there is none such a powerful or inspiring thing as words. Words shape the world. They print the thoughts we have not time to enact. Words express, impress, and sometimes depress. They hurt, they help, and they heal. Words convict, challenge, and correct. The universe was built with words. The world is held together by words. The worlds are held in place by words. And one day not too distant, it will end by words.

Words convince the mind. They challenge the weak. They comfort the broken hearted. They condemn the guilty. They confess the truths of self. They change everything they touch. None is ever the same when a word has come. It never leaves. Words can build and words can break: sometimes never to be broken, and sometimes never to be rebuilt.

Words are like water. In them we can dress and dissolve many things, sweet and bitter, healthy and poisonous.

We thirst for words. We will listen for hours to words that intrigue us. We may search for days for the key to a riddle. Stories may grip our minds and change us forever.

So much can be hidden in a word: almost too much. For the simplest of phrases, such as, “I am” can hold within them the power to shake the very foundations of the earth, and perhaps, even turn the world upside down.

Words never die. Even when this dust case is sifted into the depths of the grave, its words, spoken through mortal tongue, can ring throughout eternity and echo across the world.

Does your heart stir? Say something. You may stir others. Does your mind dream? Pen the thoughts. Perhaps others may believe your dreams. Does the world seem plagued by lack of reality? Truth is the cure, administered only through words. Speak them. Hear them. Consider them.

What are your words doing?

For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.
-Matthew 12:37

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  1. Absolutely true!
    Such a lovelypost and sooo inspiring!

  2. There was a time when I thought words were weak...never there when I needed them. This post is more my line of thinking now, very well done..thanks.

  3. Very well written (who does your spell check?)


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