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Too often we look to each other for definition of right. Sadly today, the best we can find is simply a better brand of bad, instead of a consistent model of perfection. How do you define virtue? If you were penning a thesaurus, what one word would you use to best describe the thought in your mind related to virtue?

Some people choose to, as best as possible, be a clean and right person. Some people may even have a reputation considered comparable to virtuous. And some simply couldn’t be concerned any less. Some search themselves to ensure themselves virtuous. Some lack knowledge and in spite of search, never do find much of anything, whether right or not, because they know neither. Some lack virtue, and for hate of it, simply declare that none can accurately discern propriety, freeing themselves in their own mind from conscience. And some allow virtue its purifying work. Which are you?

Why choose virtue? Many motives apply. Perhaps virtue earns position, profitability, popularity, or prosperity. Virtuous people do seem to excel, and do well when entrusted. It could be that virtue is demanded of you in your field of life or work. Perhaps in seeing the skim of the eternal, virtue advertises a more pleasant everlasting life, which may even outweigh the unholy life that is now. Yet, though this may seem virtuous, in essence it is selfishness, as we do, in that case, work for an eternal covetousness. No, true virtue must be selfless. Virtue that is virtue at all is only fuelled by love and respect. Why choose virtue? Love is worthy of virtue.

“Who can find a virtuous woman?” I can.

I live with her. I smile daily and she rests her cheek, snuggled tightly to my chest. I have found the perfect woman: perfectly complete in every way. She is beautiful, sweet, relentlessly holy, and clean of heart, purpose and method. She is concerned constantly about the pleasing of her God. She walks with Him, and talks with Him, and leads our children the same. She defines right by the word of God and her soft and alert conscience. She cares nothing for the comparison to others, but rather is concerned with her person, according to He who is virtue defined. We cannot but praise her. We must. Any proper observation of her action can lead to nothing less.

I love her and I know that she loves me. I know by her virtue, purposed by love directed toward me. She loves our God, our children, and if you get near her, she will love you too.

Jaclyn you are more then I had ever imagined a wife could be. I’m so thankful for you. Happy Mother’s day! Many mothers have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. You truly are a Proverbs 31 woman. Thank you.

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  1. I love you guys! Very well written Scott.

    Happy Mothers Day Jaclyn!

  2. Beautiful and so well written Scott! It definitely gets an A!
    God definitely brought the two of you together.... if anyone ever doubted that they were so wrong!
    Love you both

  3. Nana said...Yes, it is truely wonderful to see God's hand on your lives. I agree Scott, you have a virtuous wife for sure. She is all that you said and more.
    God absolutely brought you two together.


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