Thursday, May 7, 2009


Let me start this off by saying, I feel completely undeserving of what was said about me today. There are so many true "supermoms" out there. Moms who have sick children, disabled children, husbands who don't help out, who have to work 2 jobs just to feed their families, single moms, the list goes on and on.

I am not even close to a "perfect mom." There are times that I don't set the best example. Times that I don't have my priorities straight. Times that I lose my temper and have to apologize to my kids. I am in no way, shape, or form, a perfect mom.

What I do, isn't really all that spectacular.

Important, yes.

Extraordinary? No.

I have 7 healthy, happy children. A husband who not only works hard to provide for us, but helps out at home. A wonderful family who is always around. Great friends, who I know are they when I need them. A church family that loves and prays for us. And most importantly, a God who looks after all of our needs.

I am so blessed.

My job is easy, compared to most. I have the privilege of staying at home with my children. Loving them, teaching them, preparing them... Watching them grow in every aspect of life.

So I have mixed feelings tonight.

I feel honoured, and yet, completely unworthy.

Now, all that said... here is our segment from today.

I'm off to bake Ella's birthday cake! :)


  1. I have visited your blog many times and then saw your story on City tonight!

    WOW! I have no other words.

    Congrats on the wonderful tribute.

  2. Yay! I think you're a supermom. :) Thanks for putting the clip up--your family is even more precious on video.

  3. Jac, You are an AMAZING WOMAN!!!! Not only do you have 7 Children of your own but you take the BEST care of my sweet Nicole, I wouldnt want her to be watched by anyone else! You have made my daughter so smart and the things she learns is because your such a "Supermom" Thank you again for everything that you do. I feel so blessed that your not only my babysitter but your my friend! Thanks again!


  4. WOW - you really are special Jaclyn and God has blessed you with your SuperMom abilities - we love your modesty but we also know that you are truly a Wonderfully Special Mom!
    We all love you!

  5. We call u supermom for a reason... you're amazing! Totally worthy! xoxo


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