Sunday, May 17, 2009

Through the Eyes of Jeddy

Elijah use to be a mama's boy, now he's more apt to team up with dad against me and his sisters. Jeddy is still a mama's boy. There's nothing sweeter than a mama's boy... :)

Friday night, I was lying on the couch relaxing with Flare sitting on my lap. Jeddy came up the stairs from the basement (while he was supposed to be cleaning up the toys) Scott looked at him and said, "Jeddy, you're supposed to be cleaning up."

In his best I'm-too-cute-to-be-mad-at voice, Jeddy said, "I did clean up one toy!"

Surprisingly, that didn't cut it for Daddy.

Jed reluctantly turned around and went back downstairs.

About 2 minutes later, when Scott got up and went upstairs, Jed came walking back in. He came over to me, picked up Flare, plopped him on the ground, and snuggled up beside me on the couch.

We were chatting away and had the following conversation:

Jeddy: I lub your kids.

Me: You are my kid, silly!

Jeddy: Yeah! And Dad your kid too!

When I finished laughing, I did explain that Dad is my husband... not my kid.

For some reason, Scott didn't find it as funny as I did...

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  1. Nana said...Dad must act like a baby sometimes, for Jeddy to get that Idea.


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