Thursday, May 21, 2009

These cute guys with dump trucks...

...hand delivered topsoil, right to my garden.
Elijah decided that he had to be the leader.
Yep, not only are my sons cute (I'm totally not biased at all!:) but they are obsessed with their new trucks.
(Thank you Uncle Steve and Papa!)

So, today when I needed some topsoil from behind the townhouses, I took the boys, and their trucks, for a walk.
They were lovin' it!
Though, Jed did gross me out a bit when he licked the dirt off his hand... a true boy!

The girls just can't seem to resist getting their hands dirty. I went from being outside with two kids- to having six of them out there trying to help me seed the grass.
Grass is now seeded- bring on the heat!

I once heard someone say, "Dirty feet are happy feet."
We must have some seriously happy feet...


  1. Nana said...What great helpers they are. Next year they will be ready to plant all by them selves.
    They sure look like happy feet to me! I love you all!

  2. The feet picture is awesome!!! Very happy feet and a great picture!!

  3. looks like great fun!


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