Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stains, Cookies, and T-Ball

Saturday morning, Prayer came into the living room frantically telling me, "There is an orange stain on the counter! I wiped it off but it keeps coming back!"

I'm sitting on the chair feeding Ella, racking my brain, trying to figure out what could have possibly stained the counter. Scott went in, and then all I heard was him laughing hysterically...

Prayer's "Stain"

It was the light from the window... while she was "wiping" it, her hand was blocking the light. As soon as she finished wiping it and moved her hand- it came back!

She's so smart, and yet so dense... We love you Prayer!

Scott was trying to teach Keona how to hit properly today. I just sat back and watched. (and took pictures!) This is pretty much how it went..

"What Dad!?!?"

"Like this. Move your foot. No, move it here...."

Try to hit...

Move Ella...

Try to hit....

Move Ella...

You get the point.

What were the rest of the kids doing? Well, they were torturing playing with the poor little caterpillar that wouldn't stay up high in the tree where I tried to put him.

Scott made his amazing chocolate chip cookies that night! Mmmm... For some reason though, every time he uses one of my small appliances, he leaves my kitchen looking like this..

Actually, he did clean it up this time. And his cookies were amazing. I ate way too many. In fact, I think I have to go work out now...

Visit Keona's blog to hear about our weekend outing!


  1. Great pics again Jaclyn, poor Keona, its hard to play baseball with a crawling baby in the way! Maybe Robbie can help! Don't worry Prayer - its happened to me too! There was a weird shadow from the blinds on the floor and I thought it was a stain! (so it runs in the family)
    Love ya all!

  2. Nana said...It's funny how Prayer doesn't have blond hair like grandma. Kidding!!! Yes great pictures again Jaclyn. It looks like Ella just wants to play too. Wait till she's running... there will be no time to swing the bat before she is back in the way.


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