Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Now that MckMama and her sweet little MckMuffin are back home with the rest of their MckFamily. Not Me! Mondays are back up and running. Check out her blog to see what others have not been doing.

I am a little relieved that this weekend is over. We had so much to do, packed into 3 short days. Friday was Ella's 1st birthday party.

I most certainly did not preheat the oven on BROIL instead of bake while making her birthday cake. It didn't take smoke pouring out, and cake batter bubbling over the edge of the pans, for me to realize this... I didn't just flick it over to bake and let it go, thinking 'Ahhh, the icing will fix it!'

Saturday morning, I headed out early to do hair for a wedding. I did not run out the door, leaving Ella in the hands of a 6 year old, telling her, "Feed her some cheerios, here's her juice, if you have any problems go wake up dad! Love you! Bye~!" I would never leave the house like that...

The wedding was beautiful, and Rachelle was the cutest bride I've ever seen!

That night, I definitely did not fall asleep on the couch for a second time that weekend.

Yesterday, I had a wonderful Mother's Day.
People always joke that we must be "tripping over children" in our house...

While leaving for church last night, I did not LITERALLY trip over a child, in my 4 inch heels, while stepping out the door, carrying three bags, and holding Ella... But if I had of tripped... I wouldn't have sat on the porch for several minutes, while trying not to lose my temper counting to ten, as the kids just stood around me and waited for me to say something. What would the neighbours have thought watching that?

My ankle is not still sore today...

What did you not do last week? ;)


  1. Oh my.... I would say those heels are too high, but then you are my daughter and you would have tripped in 1 inch heels too!
    Love you all!

  2. I love all the things that you DIDN'T do this week. You are quite funny! And your kids are super cute!


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