Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday Papa!

Saturday morning we drove up to Wasaga Beach for Papa's surprise birthday party. Nana and Papa got there before everyone, so it wasn't exactly a surprise. Though, Nana did a good job planning, and some of it was still unexpected.

The kids always have a great time in Wasaga. Running around outside all day long... Even if everyone else was freezing!
And playing with their cousins...

And Uncle Steve...

We found out that Ella doesn't like grass...

Lisa is.... expecting?...
Not really. Just a balloon! ;)

We got to meet John, Nadine's boyfriend.

When he told Charity that he's colour blind-
her response was, "That's OK. I'm crumb-blind!"
(A name the kids made up for when they miss all the crumbs while sweeping!)

Jeddy sprayed himself with the hose, and had to wear my sweater.

He finally passed out on the couch.
In all, everyone seemed to enjoy eachothers' company...

We had a wonderful day with tons of great memories. Hopefully Papa did too!

Happy Birthday Papa!
We love you.

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  1. Nana said...Yes it sure was a great day. All he wanted for his birthday was to be around family and a size medium yellow shirt.

    A half of century sounds like a long time. Though I must say he does look pretty good for his age. He goes grey like Oma...slowly.


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