Sunday, May 24, 2009

Flashback Friday: Megan

I planned on posting a flashback of my cousin Megan this past Friday, as she was expecting her baby any day.... I would have made this post on Friday, had I not spent the day running back and forth from the hospital to the ladies' retreat. I don't remember the last time that I went an entire night and day without sleep. Probably when I was in labour with Elijah...

When I think of Meg as a child, this is how I remember her...

Sarah and I would tell her to run across the living room as fast as she could, just so that we could trip her as she ran by. We were horrible! Though, she was quite a brat at times... I remember the time she had broken my earphones or something on purpose and laughed about it. We decided to lock her in the closet while my grandparents were out... Or how about when she bit Sarah's leg... or we told her the "duppies" were coming. We did some hilarious extremely mean things to her as a child.

The little Megan I remember, isn't so little anymore. Yesterday, at 6:24am she gave birth to Carson James- a 7lb 10oz. baby boy.

She was still smiling.

We had fun passing the time during the night. Sarah, Polly and I had fun joking around and talking about nonsense. ("He's spicy!" Right Sarah!??) We talked politics ...for about 10 secs. We cuddled up on one end of the cot, to avoid the "hazardous waste" bin... and Ryan ate a bacon and egg sandwich... from a vending machine. I'm feeling nauseous just thinking about it. :P

I think because Megan is such a big mouth outspoken person we expected her to be even more so during labour. She wasn't. After having her epidural, she was almost pleasant. Except for a few times.... like when she yelled at us all for calling her "Izzy." It seemed like she had short-term memory loss cause she would say her throat is so dry and she needs a drink, then she would puke. Five minutes later her throat would be so dry that she'd need a drink. Then she would puke. This went on for about 2 hours. Felt so bad for her! But it was kinda funny...

Not smiling anymore...
This was before she yelled "Don't you dare!!!" about pictures...

We probably shouldn't have been making fun of the lady in labour, who was puking, and about to push out a baby...

Her boyfriend Ryan, in spite of feeling like he was going to pass out, was able to stay in the room for the birth. Polly started crying as soon as she saw the head. I started crying as soon as Polly started crying. Sarah started crying when she saw me crying. And Meg started crying as they placed Carson on her chest. We were all a crying mess.
Ryan was there holding Carson's hand while he got all cleaned up.
I wonder if he's wearing the little Nikes yet?

Polly, was too enamoured with Carson to notice me taking her picture.
You did an amazing job Meg. Carson is gorgeous!

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