Friday, May 8, 2009

Flashback Friday: Ella's First!

This is going to be Arabella's first flashback Friday!

Today, my baby turned one.

First birthdays are so bitter-sweet. It's exciting to see my baby growing up, and yet it's sad... to see my baby growing up!

One year ago right now, I was snuggling in a hospital bed, with my tiny little 6lb Arabella Joy.

Now, at almost 20lbs, she is all over the place! Though, she still enjoys a snuggle. She is definitely the "spiciest" girl we've had. She isn't afraid to make herself heard! She won't be pushed around by her big brothers either. ;) She's learning to hold her own.

She loves eating just about anything. And yet, she is my first baby to still be nursing on their first birthday. Scott thinks I'm spoiling her. I disagree... sorta...

Regardless, we adore her.

The girls love playing with their baby sister. The boys are so careful and gentle with her... most of the time... Ok...well, some of the time...

We all cherish our little Arabella.

She is a joy.

Happy 1st birthday hun!

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  1. Awwww - so I finally have time to look at the new blog set up - gorgeous, you always do a great job Jaclyn! and your little girl sure is adorable - like all your children!


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