Monday, May 18, 2009


Today, we went "exploring."
(In the kids' words)

This involves driving around until we find somewhere interesting to stop and get out. A few weeks ago, we drove by a swamp where it was very apparent some beavers lived. There were chewed down trees everywhere. Call me a "city girl" but I've never seen a swamp with a bunch of pointy tree stumps sticking out of the water.

We went back there today. We kinda, sorta, saw the beaver. Well, not really. We heard a little "sploosh" and then saw a stream of water skim across to the lodge, where it disappeared.

The boys were more interested in throwing rocks, than looking for the beaver.

The girls were sorting through them, looking for pieces of granite and quartz.

Scott was sitting on the edge of the van making grass whistle, and telling the girls that their "diamonds" were just from a gravel pit.

Ella was not impressed by any of this.

We left the swamp (without really seeing the beaver) and headed to a place called "The Devil's Den."

The girls were excited, Elijah was scared, Ella was crying, and Jeddy was asleep.

Devil's Den was closed.

Plan B

We drove a little further to a conservation area. We didn't know that we'd need a dollar for parking and neither of us had any money on us. I found 85cents in my wallet, Scott had 10cents, and we found a nickel under a seat in the van.

Off we went!

While we were watching for fish off of a little pier I repeatedly told the girls to stop swinging on the railing... They didn't listen, and Eve's shoe ended up in the water.

Scott is nicer than me. I would have made her walk barefoot...

Just kidding. Kinda....

Scott took the bigger kids rock-hopping, while I tried to keep Jed out of the water.

Elijah needed some help...

I love watching Scott with the kids.

I love him.

Even though he made some smart remark about "cow-tipping" as he tried to knock me over today...


  1. Nana said...Sounds like you had a great time. Very nice pictures.

    I certainly hope you gave him a slap or something. Accourding to Jed, Dad is one of your kids right?

  2. Great pics and lots of fun - the girls had told me about the beavers... you'll have to let me know where all these special places are!

  3. He is an amazing Dad! ... you guys are Super Parents together! ..



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