Monday, May 25, 2009

A Day at the Farm

I had spoken to Mrs. Michel a few weeks ago, about bringing the kids to the farm sometime. So when Mr. Michel told me that one of their cows had twins, and it would be a good time to drop by... we were incredibly excited.
We left early this morning, to go to Value Village's 50% off sale. When we got there at 9:10am, and the parking lot was already jam packed... I decided that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to try and tote 7 kids around the store.Instead, we went by the nearby gas station, filled up the van, cleaned it out, vacuumed up one of my favourite gloves, and went through the car wash.

Ella was a little terrified of the whole car wash thing.

We arrived at the farm a little early, but thankfully they were ready for us! Mrs. Michel took us straight out to the meadow where the kids got to meet "Larissa." She was a beauty.

After hearing a story a few months ago, about a little girl who wasn't expected to live after getting kicked in the head by a horse- I was slightly paranoid. I just kept repeating, "Stay in front of the horse!"

No one got kicked...

Mrs. Michel made them an amazing lunch. (Put my lunches to shame!) The girls loved helping her set the table and then clean up afterwards. Having nine kids herself, I didn't have to worry about her feeling overwhelmed by having all of us there. They're such a sweet couple.

After lunch, Mrs. Michel brought the kids back out to the meadow where we saw a calf that had literally just been born. She said maybe ten minutes before we were out there.

Mommy cow was very protective. As she should be.

There was another adorable little calf that went to hide behind her mommy every time we got near.

It was intimidating, how they all stare at you as you walk by.

But so hilarious, how every time one of the boys ran or moved too quickly- the nearest cow would jump off the ground and trot away. I laughed every time...

My favourite cow of the day...

She was short, fat, and just way too cute!
She makes me want a farm, with a whole herd of cows just like her. And some pigs...And maybe some lambs....and goats...and chickens... and a big dog. Oh, and we can't forget horses. Maybe just one or two.

I may have been raised in the city, but I'm a country girl at heart.


  1. I can see it now... Farmer Scott! Okay one of you might survive!

  2. Nana said...Oh yah, can you see Scott milking the cute cows? Oh no, wait, he will show the kids how to do all that. I have a picture of him on a horse.
    Are you just thinking a hobby farm Jackie?

  3. Nana said...Oh yah poor Ella, she looks really scarred!!

  4. Love the cows!!!! Great pics Jac.


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