Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Belated Mother's Day Gift

Now that I've printed, framed, and given the pictures to Jamie, and they're no longer a surprise- I can post them here!

I had wanted to do this for Mother's Day, but never got around to it. I decided to do it anyways... I figured she wouldn't mind if they were a bit late.

This is Nicole, the little girl that I babysit.

I love her eyes...

She had fun with our little photoshoot. Even if I couldn't get a real smile. Kids this age are so funny with their "cheeeeeese!" faces.

Jed got a little jealous, as he's used to being the subject of my pictures.
So I took some of both of them... I'll post those tomorrow!


  1. Nana said...Wow, her eyes are very pretty. Great pictures Jackie.


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