Thursday, April 30, 2009

Safer Parks!

Didn't the city just tear down the park around the corner from my house- to make it safer? I'm pretty sure they tore down parks all over the place in the last few years to- make them "safer." To prevent kids from falling off of high places, to prevent broken bones, and such like.

I don't believe this brand new park that we went to last weekend- met my safety requirements.

As a mom, of course...

Somehow, watching my children climb up a 20 foot pyramid- made of rope- doesn't seem "safe."

Not to mention the "rock-wall." I cringed while they stepped across the top. Easily too high for me to even reach their feet.

Scott on the other hand, was encouraging them to "do it again!" While he was busy burning relaxing in the sun. "They'll be fine! I climbed higher things than that!"

I'd like to see you do it now! :P

I stood there a typical Mom yelling, "Be careful! Hold on tight! Don't fall, honey!"

Even when Eve did fall off the rock wall and get a friction burn on her tummy.

So much for safe parks! May as well bring back the 10 feet slides- with no railings! Or the huge see-saws, with no handles. Or even the 20 feet battlestars where you walk across old chains to a little platform in the middle. (Remember those!?) How about tire swings! (I did see a kid or two get knocked out by one of those)

I'm just saying...instead of just going to the park around the corner. We now have to go to these "cool" parks. According to my kids, "the higher- the better!"

Like this one from last summer. Where I was afraid to go down the tube slides. And I'm not even afraid of heights!

I think I may have a heart attack if I have to endure the rope pyramid again...


  1. Nana said...Wow!! That is high. Why didn't you get a picture of Scott on the pyramid?

  2. LOL hilarious. Scott probably did climb higher. I remember him doing stupid things a child.

  3. Oh my.... you are still braver than I - I wouldn't be looking or taking pictures....too high for me!

  4. wow i agree, I would be totally freaked out! Where is this park?

  5. It's in the subdivision behind church. South on salem, first right I think. :) I'm sure you'll be chasing Ethyn all over the park soon. He can't wait to get going!

  6. no way! that is the park that is right beside our old house! I don't remember it looking like that, they must have changed it!!! I know I'm in for it soon, this boy wants to walk and be all over the place so much!!! :s But it has to happen sometime right!?


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