Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Have a "Thing" for Old Books

Old books, old dishes, old furniture... I love the fact that something has a history, a past...

I could spend hours going through stores like Value Village, where people dump their old stuff. Or their parents, or grandparents old "stuff". I don't often have time to go there, but on Friday night while my boys were watching a hockey game, and the girls were busy reading, and Ella was fast asleep...
I snuck out for my "fix."

I was actually looking for something specific, but was drawn to the dishes. I refrained from buying the adorable apple-green teapot that would have matched my kitchen so nicely, because How many teapots do I actually need?....

Then, as always, I headed over to the books. I have bought countless "classics" for the girls at a fraction of the retail cost. This time I wasn't thrilled. There didn't seem to be anything worth buying, that we didn't already own. (And yes, I have bought more than one copy of a favourite book before... why? I can't explain.)

As I was about to leave, pretty disappointed that I hadn't found anything that stood out, I noticed an old book resting on the top shelf. Being in the kid's section, I figured it was probably some sort of treasury. I almost didn't pick it up becasue they have quite a few of those already. My not being able to resist a good treasury, is the only reason I gave in.

When I picked it up, I noticed that it even smelled old. As I looked inside, I was surprised to find that it wasn't a treasury at all. It was a compilation of quotes, poems, and short writings, on all sorts of topics. I read the inscription on the front page and it said,

"This book belongs to Ruth Schmultz, as of May 10, 1965"

Ok... so not that old. But used none the less.

I was sold.
After returning home with my new found treasure, Scott was skimming through the book, when he found some notes and markings inside. A couple of pages later there was actually an outline typed on a typerwriter, for some sort of Christian ladies' meeting. I found that pretty neat.

Did I mention that I love old photography, too? I adore the photographs in this book. They're inspiring, and thought-provoking.

It's amazing. The difference in the quotes from today, and only 44 short years ago. I'll have to share some of my favourites, once I'm finished reading the book.

"I could tell where the lamplighter was by the trail he left behind him."

-Harry Lauder

I'm looking forward to my next trip to Value Village.
Maybe next time I'll find what I went for.
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  1. What a fun story - I'm loving this "Thrifty Thursday" theme! (though I'm thinkin' I would have bought the teapot :)

  2. Jaclyn! This is SO COOL! I'm craving a book like that... with old photographs and quotes, old notes, etc. What a treasure! I love the lamplighter quote.

    I too, adore old things - things that have history and character and a timeworn feel.

    Now I'm motivated to start checking the book section of the thrift shops I visit!! :)


  3. Nana said...I love old books. You should stop into a used bookstore; the treasures there are great too. I have found old hyme books, things from D.L. Moody and others. Trift stores are a lot of fun.

    If you want history you should read Gravemarkers. You can do it on the internet now. My kids never liked it when I wanted to go to old graveyards.


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