Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Blame Scott...

One night last week, I was folding laundry and talking to Scott on the phone when I heard an odd sound coming from upstairs. It sounded like dripping water. I told Scott to hold on while I went upstairs to check it out.

As I got to the top step I looked around the corner and saw Elijah, standing in front of his sisters' closed bedroom door- peeing on it!

Naturally, the first thing I did was yell, "Elijah!" He turned towards me with a blank look on his face and pulled up his pants. He just stood there. I was now relaying what was going on to Scott over the phone. This would have completely shocked me... if he hadn't done the exact same thing a few months ago!

OK, so he's still just standing there. I'm saying, "Go to the bathroom! Elijah!! Into the bathroom! Now!" I tell Scott that I have to go, while he is laughing hysterically on the other end. I direct Elijah into the bathroom and ask him if he still has to go... no answer. "Go to bed then! Do you know where your bed is???" To which he shakes his head no and continues to stare at me blankly.

I decided to go grab the camera at this point. I took this picture of him in the bathroom...
went to clean up the mess, and came back to this....
(the bowl is there cause Jed was sick)
In the morning he had no recollection of it, whatsoever. He was completely asleep the entire time. I would find this strange too... if it wasn't for his father's habits...

We had been married for just a few months when I woke up one night during the playoff season, to Scott shaking me violently, screaming, "It was in the net!!! It was in the net!!!" Needless to say, I was a little startled. He let go, laid back down and acted as though nothing had happened. I tried to wake him up, to no avail. In the morning, he didn't remember a thing. There have been many such instances throughout the years, where he wakes up and tells me he was fired, or someone gave him a million dollars, or to "hit the snooze button!" when the baby is crying....

But there is one specific incident that stands out. One night, he woke me when he sprung up out of bed- telling me, "There's someone in the house." Not what you want to wake up to in the middle of the night. (By this point though, I was use to his sleepwalking/talking) I told him that no one was in the house, to lay down and go back to sleep.

Insisting that there was indeed, someone in the house, he unsheathed his sword and went towards our bedroom door. All the while I'm saying, "Scott get back in bed! There is no one in the house!"

All I got was a, "Shhhhhhhhhhhh" from him, while he tiptoed into the hallway.

All of a sudden he swung open the bathroom door and I heard a high-pitched, "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!"

Poor Elijah, was just trying to go pee in the middle of the night. (At least he was in the bathroom this time!) It must have woken Scott up, cause he dropped the sword and I heard him apologizing to Elijah. He took Elijah to bed and didn't even remember thinking that there was someone in the house...

Thankfully, that's the only time he has had a weapon. The next morning Elijah was telling his sisters what happened, and he said, "I thought he was going to kill me!" Oh man... maybe that's why he has such disturbed dreams. (Which I will blog about. Eventually...)

So as far as the sleepwalking goes... I blame Scott.

Though all that drool on the pillow...Scott would tell you he gets that from me...


  1. Nana said...Yah and I blame Papa!!! Oma said he made her faint one time when she went to check on the kids at night; Papa stood up on his top bunk and yelled at the top of his lungs, CHARRRGE!!! Yah, he didn't remember it either.

  2. Very funny!!! When our boys were babies, one of us would wake up "confused" most nights. It was crazy! The sleepy pictures are precious.


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