Saturday, April 25, 2009


There is nowhere with more opportunity than in a home. Everything in this earth is designed to revolve around the use of the home. People are formed by home. Homes make leaders, followers, servants, and tyrants. Homes are the source of our culture, our policy, our needs, and our hopes. In all things we face, in all things that challenge us, in life compounded, there is nowhere so powerful an influence as home.

Home has changed. Sadly, many people in our mangled society often never taste the fresh nature of an established, faithful, loving, well grounded home. Hopelessness has plagued us because we lack that stabling force in our lives which causes us to rest each day before the next. Home has become a self-managed hotel where people stay while they have to sleep. Home has become a place for partying, a place for leisure, and a place we just wish we could leave more often. But home is not the place as much as it is the people that fill (to the brim in our case) that place.

Society is a product of the homes which make it up, and as well, the homes are a product of the people from that society. Thus, our homes today shape the future, and our present has been shaped by the homes of yesterday. How important is our home? It’s about as important as our country, our lifestyle, and our very future. What we do with our home will shape tomorrow. This is why never a stay-at-home mom dies feeling useless, unmerited, or alone for that matter. Those who invest themselves in their homes will never lack a reward for their labours.

Thank God for good Moms!

As we remember our mothers in a couple of weeks, perhaps we would do well to remember the investment, the sleepless nights, the vomit buckets, the expense, the lack of freedom and unfulfilled dreams. Remember the tears, and the sighs, and the inner worry for love’s sake. Remember your Mom who made home… home. Remember your parents who fought selfishness to win harmony. Who fought diversity to win culture. Our home was not perfect, but may we take the time to thank God, we had and have our home.

So Long as There are Homes
Grace Noll Crowell (1877-1969)

So long as there are homes to which men turn at close of day;
So long as there are homes where children are, where women stay
If love and loyalty and faith be found across those sills
A stricken nation can recover from its gravest ills.

So long as there are homes where fires burn and there is bread;
So long as there are homes where lamps are lit and prayers are said;
Although people falter through the dark and nations grope
With God Himself back of these little homes
We have sure hope.

It's not our home... but it's our kids. :)

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  1. So very true!
    Thank God for GOOD mums (and dads!) who value the incredible job that is raising a kid making him/her the person he/she was born to be and that will hopefully make a difference in our falling apart society...


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