Monday, April 13, 2009

Mondays Are Always Fun

I woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise- Jeddy had thrown up all over his bed at some point during the night, but apparently slept through it...? I will never understand how they do that. He was so cranky this morning (not that I blame him) but usually when he's sick, he atleast slows down a bit. Not today! He was still in to everything. Just extra cranky. He did crash around lunch time though. I had sat him on the green chair after pulling him out of the kitchen for the 4,000th time, and when I looked back, he was fast asleep.

I think the "He's so sweet....when he's sleeping!" saying applies here.. ;)

This weekend, we decided to have a quiet Easter dinner at home. Considering Scott had 2 papers, a speech, a sermon, a reading log, a book report, a speech file (and I know I'm forgetting things) due this week.... we needed that quiet time.

I made a big turkey dinner, and baked ALOT. Too much... I'm afraid that baking has become a hobby. One that I'm going to have to give up. I ate way too much this weekend. The kids and I made these Easter egg style "cake-pops" from Bakerella's site. SO much fun! The kids had a blast decorating the eggs.

And they didn't just sit there and rot! We actually got to eat them!

We will definitely do this again soon next Easter.

And then, since I took my Grandma's advice and tried making a cake from scratch, I had all this leftover batter from the cake pops... so I had to make a little cake too...and some icing...and some fondant...then I dyed it green for Jed...and decorated it for fun... :/

Did I mention the raspberry cheesecake I made for Scott's birthday yet? Cause I made that this weekend too... the last piece is in the fridge right now, calling my name... I will resist and eat the kids' chocolate instead save it for Scott.


Oooh, and I saw Babylegs for the first time last week and became obsessed with them. Ella had to have a pair. :) I couldn't buy any though, because Scott would be just a tiny bit upset if I spent $15+ shipping on an accessory...for a baby... So instead, I found a tutorial online showing how to make them out of tube socks.

Well, I didn't have any tube socks so I thought I'd use some of the girls' old tights...

Before (rather funky indeed)

And after...

I think they're so cute! Actually, it's mostly the chunky little legs they're on that are cute! After sewing the cuffs on backwards once, taking the stitches out and starting again, they weren't too bad. I'm pulling out all the old tights now to make more "Babylegs." Like I said, it's an will pass.


This afternoon, Elijah knocked down a light fixture. On his head...well, more his nose than his head... He cut his chin, his elbow, bruised his nose, and shattered glass all over his bed, dressers, laundry basket, and floor. Five minutes later, one of our STUPID cats used the girls' top bunk as a litter box. I contemplated killing hurting throwing them outside never mind... Needless to say, I have about 20 loads of laundry waiting down stairs as I type. I'm very thankful for my commercial size appliances right now!

To finish Monday off on a good note, Jeddy and Ella got along for a few minutes while they were looking out the door today. Figured I better capture the moment...being so rare and all... ;)


  1. Definitely a "lets hope not again Monday" and yes, I would have killed the cats! Ella is such a screamer!

  2. Nana says...Jed must sleep deep like his father, though when Scott was sick he never slept in it. I did find him on the floor a few times.

    The eggs look very yummy!! So does the cake. You could open a bakery and put your hobby to great use and still do something you love...You already have helpers :D

  3. Nana said...Oh yah, I love the babylegs!!!


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