Friday, April 3, 2009

Flashback Friday: My Not-So-Little Girls

This week, my girls, these little girls...

...decided they wanted to bake cookies.

Eve found a kid's cookbook my friend gave me in grade 3 or 4, and asked if they could make something. I have never let them try baking before. Making sandwiches...yes. But hey, I was in a good mood I figured it would be a fun experience for them. They collectively agreed on "Oatmeal-Applesauce Cookies." Before I even got a chance to look over the recipe, they had ransacked the cupboards and pulled out all the ingredients.

I let them use my mixer and everything!

Other than a few arguments, over who was going to measure what... they did a great job. I had to stay completely out of the kitchen. (Other than for the odd picture) It is extremely difficult for me to just watch. I wanted to let them try on their own, so I just stayed right out of it.

Elijah was given the spatula to polish.

The first batch was a little burnt crispy.

I made a few suggestions, and... voila!

Perfectly chewy, oatmeal-applesauce cookies! They were actually really good, and surprisingly healthy. Ask Ella. Our teething grump ate one for dinner! :O

Their first attempt at baking, was a success.

Oh, I forgot about the part where Prayer tried to take the cookie sheet out of the oven wih her bare hands... Well, lesson learned. Hopefully... you never know with Prayer!


  1. Great job girls and they were very yummy! Thank you for saving me one! And Prayer....... we have to talk!

  2. Nana said...WOW!! Great job on the cookies girls. How did you ever keep Mom out of the kitchen?

    Oh, if I am suppose to guess who is who, I would have to say from left to right...Prayer, Charity, Keona and Eve. I love you.


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