Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Ella bite me!"

Yes, that is actually blood. After it had been wiped once. And yes, Ella bit him. He is always right in her face, trying to "play." I guess when screaming at him didn't work... she took it a step further. The girl needs her space!

Though, they got along really well in the car this past Sunday. We were on our way to the Mandarin in Barrie inbetween church services, to have lunch with Scott's family, and Ella would not stop screaming. Jed still had his Mentos from Grandma, so he pulled a piece out of his mouth and popped it into Ella's before we could stop him. It worked. She stopped crying...

For a few minutes anyways.

Eventually, after dinner and nursing...

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  1. Good grief! Your girlie knows how to put sibling in their place!!! How cute though :-)


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