Monday, April 27, 2009

Destructive, Daring, and Dainty

This girl loves to make a mess. Give her paper to tear, or in most cases, a book to shred, and she's happy.
She also enjoys ripping kleenex apart, and then tossing each little piece over her shoulder when she's finished with it. Atleast she doesn't eat it like the boys would have...

This face is a common occurrence with Ella.

She is also, extremely daring. She loves to get up on her knees in our bed, and then throw herself forwards, backwards, sideways, or just any which way. It's always nice waking up to her head hitting your nose...

Being so daring the other morning, she threw herself forward and her face landed on my camera lens. Oh no, my camera!!! Poor Ella. I thought she was going to have a black eye. Just a welt. It went away.

I wonder where she gets this from?....

Enough said.

But she can also be the most perfectly dainty little girl.


  1. it!
    She is definitely yours and Scott's little girl!!! :-)

  2. It sure will be fun to see how much she follows the boys behaviour or as she gets a bit older may want to be more girly like her sisters (who at times can be rougher than the boys....)
    she will be herself for sure! Beautiful!

  3. Nana said...Yes Grandma it will be fun...the girls only had girls to look to (and Dad!!!)Ella has Jed and Elijah to glean from.


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