Monday, March 23, 2009


I won't be posting my Not Me's "Mck Mama" (the creator of "Not Me! Monday") is in the hospital right now with her baby, Stellan. He's in PICU with SVT. His heart rate was at 300bpm this morning. I'd ask that anyone who reads this, please pray for him and the whole family- as the kids and I have been doing all morning.


  1. Thanks for letting us all know Jaclyn, I'll be praying too!

  2. Nana Said... I don't know who they are but God does. I will pray for her, her son and her family.

  3. So heart breaks for their family...but she is such an amazingly strong person. ♥

    I wanted to try and touch base w/ you about the giveaway on my blog

    I'm contacting everyone who didn't win so i can get your package sent out to you and all the updated information. email me at tarabrown at cherishbound dot com



  4. Hi, welcome to SITS girls. I'm sorry to hear Stellan is in the PICU ~ the little fellow is having quite the time of it.


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