Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's that time of year again.... last week we got the last of our documents for our 2008 taxes. While I was getting all the paper work together, I realized that I was missing the swimming lesson receipts. (which we can now claim!) I specifically remember putting them somewhere, so I wouldn't forget where they were. I did not forget where that "somewhere" is.... I am always very organized. I never misplace important receipts...

Speaking of "cleaning up"... Last night, when we came home from a long day at church, at Scott's parents' house, and then at their church, I did not just toss the laundry down the stairs, put all the dirty dishes on the counter by the sink, and pack all the bags and jackets in our very full front closet to deal with in the morning. I am always telling the kids, "Moving something from one place that it doesn't belong, to another- is not cleaning!" So I most certainly would not set that horrible example.

This morning, I did not trip running up the stairs and puncture the palm of my hand with a protruding nail. Seriously, who falls UP stairs???...and just happens to land on a nail that nobody has noticed over the past year since we got our stairs done. Like I've said before...I am definitely not a klutz!

Finally, last week I did not ignore Jeddy's many requests for a snack while I was sewing. I did not look up to see my son sitting on the counter behaving like a starving raccoon as he savagely tore through the poor, defenceless cracker box trying to help himself to some crackers. I never tune out my children's repetitive requests.

What did you not do last week? ;)


  1. So sorry about the falling upstairs... definitely an inherited trait!

  2. aw poor Jed! :) lol

  3. hey Jackie, Lisa (from MckMama community) your kids are gorgeous!!!!!!


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