Monday, March 16, 2009

I Love Weekends...

I know... doesn't everyone!?

We don't have Scott here much during the week. In fact, Jeddy often asks, "Daddy coming over?" As if Scott just visits. Sad but true... Thankfully, the school year is almost over and then he'll be home every day and only gone 4 nights a week! All that to say- we love weekend mornings when Dad's home.
Friday morning we were all sitting together in the living room reading our Bibles, (while I baked 6 cakes, 2 macaroni salads and 2 dozen rolls! I hate cooking... but I love baking!) and we look over to see Charity sitting there with the 4 inch "Vine's Dictionary and Concordance." She was looking up a word to explain the meaning to Elijah.

After lunch, we left Scott at home to finish his papers for school. (That's the only way our house gets quiet enough to concentrate...) We spent the afternoon at my Mom's visiting with Great-grandpa, Lea, Aunty Karen and Kels. Grandma, Grandpa and Robbie too, of course! :P

Jeddy had a little accident and had to borrow Robbie's clothes
The kids ran around playing S-P-Y all day.
"Adults are enemies! Attack them by cutting off their heat source! Close all the vents!"

My poor Mom...

Ella has learned to close her eyes when she sees the camera now. Cute...but annoying. :)

We headed home around 8pm and it was time to make the cake. Putting all 7 pounds of butter cream icing to use.

Originally, we were going to order a cake from a friend. Here is the problem with chatting through IM's. My sister and I had the following conversation while looking at pictures of fondant cakes.

Me: So which one do you like

Sarah: Oooh! They're all so nice! Let's try to make one!

Me: That sounds like fun! Yeah, we could do it together!

Sarah: Yay! I can't wait!!

What I failed to understand, was that she wanted to make a cake at some point. Not specifically for the baby shower. Well, me being all excited and up for the challenge- I had already gone out and bought everything to do it! Ha...days later she was like, "Huh? We're making the cake???" Yep... we're making the cake, cause I already cancelled the order and bought everything to make it. Really... I'm making the cake... I guess.

So here's what my counter looked like at 1am on Friday night....actually it was Saturday morning. You can see the bottom tier of the cake.
I actually cleaned it all up before watching a movie with Scott until 3:30am...and going to bed only to get up again in 4 hours. We saran wrapped the cake and put it in the oven. After the whole Muffin incident... I didn't want to risk the cake! We did put a big "CAKE!!!!" sign on the stove, because forgetting and turning it on- is just something I would do. You'll be relieved to hear that the cake survived and made it to the shower in three pieces....


  1. Jackie! I saw the picture of Megan's cake on facebook and just now I realized you made it!!! I'm totally impressed; you never cease to impress me! Amazing job, I thought for sure it was bought at some fancy expensive bakery:)

  2. Great updates and pics - your talents are awesome.... cakes, pics, kids and of course your hubby! (ha)


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