Friday, February 27, 2009

Flashback Friday: Little House On The Prairie Style...

Old Fashion Sunday (not sure of the year?)

We were just about to watch Little House on the Prairie, when the kids and I picked this picture for flashback Friday. They had the following conversation:
"Dad looks like Albert!"
"Aunty Nadine looks like Mary all grown up!"
"Nana has Mrs. Olsen's hat... but she's not mean like Mrs. Olsen."
"...and Papa has Mr. Olsen's suit!"
Oh, and all the girls want a bonnet like Aunty Nadine...


  1. Nana Says...Ok, I will see what I can do. It may not be purple though. Is that ok?

  2. mr. Olsen would never wear coolots!

  3. Robert says that Mrs. P still looks the same! Very cute photo!

  4. "Yeah, that's fine!" - the girls

    Mr.? Is Papa wearing culottes or something? We're confused... lol

    The girls agree thst Nana looks the same!

  5. Papa says...Yes, but I was tricked into wearing culotts. I looked almost as silly as Daddy's pink tie....but we won.

  6. That is when i first met the Polhamus family...I remember voting for them too! But I didn't know how to spell their name! ha


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