Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Two years ago, Scott and I took the kids to a "Bugzibit" at the zoo over March break. We saw all sorts of crazy bugs... African Spiders, Hissing Roaches, and I even got to hold a Wood Nymph!

The kids were all too afraid to hold one of the big bugs. Though, Keona did try chocolate covered crickets...something I would not be able to do! :S

Ever since then, they have been telling me how, "they wish they had held a bug." Well, this past Saturday the zoo had another bugzibit on, and we have a family pass, so it sounded like a plan! Of course, Scott was supposed to come and we were going to bring all the kids...but then he had homework, grandma offered to take Ella, and Jed said, "No thank you! Grandma's house please..." So, I was on my own with the 5 oldest. Which was actually kind of nice. Since usually Scott gets bored quickly and wants to move on. We took our time at the exhibits and learned lots of neat facts we wouldn't have otherwise noticed.

Prayer's picture of what we saw at the zoo...
Notice the little one giving the big one a piggy-back?...
Nice, eh?...
I was speechless.

But the bugzibit was great! The triplets got to hold "Matilda."
Elijah and Keona stayed as far away from the bugs as possible! We met up with two polar bears. A stuffed one... And one that use to live at the zoo...
...still does, kinda...

We were just in time to hear the elephant trumpet, which was really cool. Last time we heard the male lion roar. The ground rumbled... it was pretty amazing. We got to see the tiger(ess?) walking around. Charity growled at it... it looked over and licked its lips. Not good... we left after that.

By this point, Elijah was done. He was tired, hungry, and just wanted to go home. (sounds alot like Scott!) The girls decided we could leave and come back another time. We just had to go back to the bugzibit to pick up their picture with Matilda. While we waited, they were absolutely enthralled with the donation/coin bin. (where the money rolls around in a tornado-like fashion) It was a good thing I had lots of change in my wallet, because they raced pennies and nickels for about 10 minutes.

Then they touched a giant snail, poked him in the eye/tentacle and the poor thing sucked everything back into its head. It was pretty interesting...never seen that before.

Finally, in Elijah's words, we headed out to the parking lot.

Elijah was being a grump until he saw the lady handing out free Valentine's Day chocolate...

She made his day!

We raced through the parking lot, had two geese follow us to the van- where I told the kids they were going to eat them! They laughed and ran faster. My kids are great... :)

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  1. Nana Says...Wow, sounds like you had a great time. You are such a good mom.


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