Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I cannot remember the last time that I felt "bored." Ok, correction- I have "felt" bored, but only because there were 100 things waiting to be done- that I didn't want to do. Like tonight for instance. I sit here with laundry downstairs (and upstairs), dishes in the sink (and dishwasher), shirts to be ironed, book reports to be marked, books to be reviewed, paper work to be filed.... the list goes on. Surely, I'm not the only one who procrastinates. ;)

So instead of doing all those things, I thought I'd review my day.

6am: Alarm goes off. I hit snooze.

6:30am: The alarm goes off for the 3rd time. I tell Scott it's time to get up.

7am: I wake up to this. It makes me smile.

7:10am: I send Charity to get my camera so I can take a picture. :)
Jed does this...

It ends with him hitting the floor...hard. He cries. I console.

7:30am: I get the last one out of bed. Guess who?? None other than our very own, Sloth!

Scott and I are convinced that there must be some sort of relation...

8am: Keona serves Shreddies while I change diapers, and attempt to put on some makeup and look half decent.

8:30am: Chores are done. We start school. We read Matthew 25 over Ella's crying, while Jed washes his hands and floods the kitchen counter. I clean it up.

9am: Jed says he has to go to the bathroom. It's too late. Repeat this every 15 minutes from here on out. Ella continually interrupts school by waving at everyone while she sits on my lap. Of course, everyone at the table has to wave back at her while saying, "Hiiiiiiiii!" in unison. The girls gush over her newest trick, and how cute she is. I tell them to ignore her and get back to work. (mean Mom!)

I won't bore you with all the details of school... let's just say Eve argued with me and I sat silently reading my Bible. I then taught them the saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all." If only I could always be so disciplined...

12pm: I feed the kids apples, oranges, and banana bread, while eating an apple and quizzing them on geography.

12:30pm: Scott surprises us by coming home for lunch. I eat Mr. noodles (my latest totally unhealthy addiction) and tell him that the skit he is doing, is dumb. (so much for the whole, "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all" speech...)

2pm: I wake Scott up from his nap and he goes to work. Keona goes outside to dig up our frozen soil for a science experiment.

3:00pm: I clean up the soil from off the counter and try to keep Jed from throwing it everywhere. Eve's practising violin and someone is practising on the keyboard downstairs.

4pm: I serve spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. I wonder why in the world I was so mean to Scott. I have no idea... I feel horrible and wonder how he puts up with me.

6pm: Chores are done. Little House On The Prairie is over and the kids are quiet??? Jed knocks Ella over, and then proceeds to squeeze her cheeks while repeating, "Chubby chubby!!" over and over again in her face. Ella's not impressed. It's no longer quiet.

7pm: It hasn't been quiet since 6pm. Ella goes to bed. Keona and Charity are colouring, Eve wants to know why no one will play with her, Elijah is playing gameboy, and Jed is banging on the piano while singing, " Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, on on my mind!!!!" I go to the cupboard for some chocolate. The kids ask what I'm doing... I put it back and say, "Nothing..." I go back into the livingroom to play the piano and sing along with Jed.

7:30pm: I call Scott on his break and apologize for calling his skit dumb.

8pm: I throw the triplets in the shower together cause I don't feel like cleaning up the mess they make showering themselves. Elijah and Jeddy are in bed, Keona is looking for a story for Scott to use as his "expressive reading", and the triplets want me to make them look like "trolls."

9pm: Everyone is in bed, the house is quiet, and I'm... bored relaxing.


  1. Nana says...How long until Ella woke-up? LOL. By the way, Scott will get over it, you are a wonderful mom and wife...and he knows it.

  2. I love your blog and I love you! Your husband can put up with you because you put up with him! We all say things that we think later why? but then we know they can take! You are a wonderful lady, mom, wife and daughter!
    Love you all!

  3. lol i second that... you are super mom and wife... all I have to say is one word "moo"

  4. LoL! I so enjoyed that, Jackie!!! Fun to take a peak into your day since...I'm too far away to do it in person! lol! Oh, and had to laugh out loud at the chocolate part!!!! Don't know how many times I've done that sort of thing!
    ~Sarah B

  5. I think (hope) Ella was already awake. :/

    And "Mooo??" Jerk.... :P

    I tink this blog os mostly for the grandparents... lol Thanks Mom. :)


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