Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

All of the kids made it until midnight! I was shocked. Well, except for Ella....that would have been bad. She went to bed around 9.

Looking a little tired at midnight!

We played Monopoly and Eve destroyed us. She ended up with over 50 million dollars, and almost all of the properties.

Then we played Scrabble, and I actually beat Scott!

Poor Jed was a little tired around 11:30...he was chasing the cats, tripped over the vacuum, and went head first into the corner of the wall. He had an instant lump, and quite the cut. He always had some sort of cut/lump/bruise on his head!

Remember how Scott and I woke the kids up with pots and pans a few years back??

Well, they returned the favour this year! :D

Happy New Year all!!!


  1. Nana says...Where's Dad's noise maker???

  2. oh my - look at those skinny legs!!!


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