Thursday, December 11, 2008

O Christmas Tree

So, last year we bought a real tree, like we normally do... it never drank any water, and a week later it was completely dried out, and turning brown. Oh, and it was only December 14th! :S So Scott asked the guy this year what we did wrong. Supposedly you are to let the tree "settle" for a week before you decorate it. The kids were not impressed by the plan... All wee they wanted to decorate it, but I told them we had to wait until Friday night when Dad would be home.

Keona completely freaked out when Scott tried to lift her up to put the star on top... so Prayer got to do it!
They settled for making popcorn chains during the week. Elijah kept poking himself with the needle, I just heard, "Ow!....Ouch!..."Ooooow!" The entire time. It was hilarious!

Prayer got her thread tangled atleast 5 times, so I finally just cut her one that was like 10 inches long. Everyone else seemed to manage ok.

Jed did the same as last year-
sat and ate the popcorn!
On Friday night, we finally got to decorate the tree! The kids did most of it on their own. Its' definitely a "kid" tree. :) I remember the first year that Scott and I bought a full size tree and all of our own decorations. The triplets made all of these "ornaments" in the nursery, and I hung them on the very back of the tree... like up against the wall... I was determined not to have a "kid tree." Ha... that didn't last very long! Now we have popsicle stick stars, cardboard hands, tacky little snowmen, and to top it all off... popcorn chains!

But you know what, my mom always let my sister and I decorate the tree when we were little. Every year, we thought it was absolutely gorgeous. We were so proud of all of our "creations." I want my kids to feel the same way. One day, when my kids are all grown up... I'll have my "adult tree"... atleast until I have grand kids! :)


  1. Nana says... enjoy the kid tree while you can, they grow up soooo fast. Look how big they are already.....Oh and the tree looks beautiful. Great job everyone.

  2. So beautiful! Way better than any adult tree!
    Left you something on my blog!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. What a great picture of your family! Beautiful!!

  4. haha... my hubby was surprised I posted the "no makeup-hair not done pic" :P A good memory anyhow!

    And thanks Sugar mommy! :D Same to you!


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