Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Night Before Christmas....Eve...

Tuesday night, Scott surprised us by coming home from work early. The kids had opened up their presents from Jamie, and the girls and I were playing their new "Clue" game, while Elijah played "Force Unleashed" with his Wii light saber. (very, very, funny to watch)

For some reason, every time Scott has time off... the kids end up wrestling with him, and/or each other. We let them stay-up for entertainment! :P

Just a little hyper....

Trying to entice Dad into the fight.

They were seriously throwing each other off the couch here.... are we bad parents for finding this hilarious! :S All in good fun of course!

"First one to cry loses!"

Then, it was time to attack Dad with the light sabers!

They were up until after midnight. I haven't laughed (and cried) so hard in a very long time! I can't wait until New Year's Eve! :P
(Notice the time on the clock???)

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  1. Very funny. Funny about the wrestling...the same thing happens in our house when Daddy is home. :)


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