Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Done, done, done done...DONE!

Yes! I am DONE Christmas shopping! :) And we actually managed to stay on budget. Thanks to unexpected gifts, and some answered prayers! (I can't get specific because the kids read the blog!) We only shopped for the kids this year. We all (9 of us) drew names and had the same amount of money to shop for that person. Forced us to get creative, and be thoughtful with our gifts. Some of the kids had money saved, and chose to spend some extra on their gift... it has been fun. Minus the busy parking lots and crazy drivers/shoppers!

Now for the weekend update....

Last Thursday had been a tiring day. Jed was causing trouble and it was the second last day of school (trying to tie up all the loose ends before break) That night I was just beat, and probably in a pretty grumpy mood. Friday morning, I came downstairs to this...
My favourite flowers, and my favourite chocolate bar. Isn't he sweet!? Scott went shopping at 2am after a 10 hour shift... for me! Then I went in the fridge and saw that he had bought me Asian pears too! (my fave fruit which I don't buy very often) Keona said, " I hope my husband is as sweet as Dad some day!"

So, Scott slept until 11am on Friday. He got to sleep in for the first time since school started. Exams were done, and he definitely earned it.

I am sooo glad we (he) has a few weeks off. Jeddy kept saying, "Daddy, over? Coming...over?" Scott was trying to explain to him that he doesn't "visit" he lives here! We're all pretty excited to have him home for a few weeks. Even if he's still working 10 hours a day... no school- is huge! Did I mention how proud I am of him? I don't know how he does it....School for 6 hours, straight to work for 10 hours, home to sleep for 4-5 hours (all the rest of the time spent driving and grooming) and then do it all again the next day. And yet, he always has time to keep us feeling involved, loved, and missed. He amazes me. So does my God. His strength, is always sufficient.

"The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace."
Psalm 29:11

I love you hun.

Saturday night, Nana and Papa came over to visit the kids (and bring us a ton of food!) it was a quick, but nice visit. Nana found the teething/eating toy while she was in the States, so we got to try it out with Ella.... she loves it!

Sunday morning at church, Elijah's and Jeddy's classes sang in the service. Elijah refused to look at me as he walked down the aisle...

Jeddy stopped for a quick picture, though he didn't really participate in the singing...just kind of stood there and looked cute! ;)
After church, we went to Scott's work Christmas party. The kids were entertained by someone creating cool things out of balloons. Charity got to be a part of one of the shows. She was a little piggy. :)

Jed just wanted to pop his balloon. He eventually succeeded.... and yelled, "Broke it! Broke it! Yay!" Crazy kid....

Keona sat with her friends, and Elijah played with his friend too.

This year they all carried their own food! Well, five of them anyways. It was so nice. After the kids had their food, we left the 6 oldest at the table ( I carried Ella) and Scott and I got to go get our food... together! I don't think we've ever been able to do that in the past! lol Jed sat good with his sisters though, I was pleased with them. I couldn't have asked for better behaviour from any of them.

That night, Scott and I played Wii boxing, and I'm still sore... I did knock him out though. ;)

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