Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

It has become a tradition for us to open our presents from each other on Christmas Eve. Our kids end up getting so many presents from other people, that it would be overly-overwhelming to open them all on the same day. So they sat patiently Wednesday morning, while Dad talked about the real meaning of Christmas, and prayed to thank God for the ultimate gift- Jesus.
Still a little tired from the night before!

Then, it was present time!
Scott with his new Scrabble Dictionary from Eve
Eve with her "fake" gift - a dusty old vase that we wrapped for her. All because she had told Elijah (who drew her name) that she would give him her money so that he could buy her a better gift! lol. It was sooo funny. She sat there pulling dead leaves out of the vase. She thanked ELijah, and then announced, "I'm going to clean off my vase when we're done opening presents." She actually did a good job of not looking disappointed with it!
Jeddy was handed his present, and said, "Airplane! Airplane!" Yep, he was right.... an airplane from Charity. Along with a Little People Pirate Ship.
Ella opening her "Sophie the Giraffe" from Keona! I think she enjoyed the wrapping paper more than the presents!
Elijah opening his "Clone Wars" helmet from Charity.
Notice Eve in the background with her vase....
Prayer opening some of her rhythm band instruments from Ella! :)
Keona opening her pottery wheel from Dad.

Charity, very surprised with her new watch from Mom.

Eve getting her real present....a violin- from Elijah.

Jed loved his new "Cars" boots, and more airplanes from Grandma, Grandpa and Robbie!

The girls opening the "big present" from Grandma, Grandpa and Robbie.

Just a tad bit excited to see that it's a keyboard!

Ella, sitting all by herself...and playing with Mr Potato head.

Keona, making a mess....I mean, trying out her new pottery wheel. :P

She made me a nice vase too!

Eve was much happier with her real present.

We tried to get a picture of all of us after getting ready for the Christmas Eve service at church. The ones of all of us didn't turn out.... but atleast we got one of the kids!

I love my kids...

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