Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas morning, Sarah came over bright and early! (unusual for her... :P) She actually got me out of bed! After stressing out a bit over getting everything tidied up and cooking... the kids got to open up their presents. Brilliant Aunty Sarah, mad the girls their very own "Tickle Trunk!"
So we have Jeddy with the crazy glasses....
...and our Hawaiian police officer/McDonald's drive-through worker???
Everyone fit at one table this year, which was odd...
There was only 14 of us. Well, 13 actually at the table. Thankfully, Ella slept through dinner.
Jed fed her Cheerios afterwards!
After dinner the kids got to open all the presents from everyone else. The boys loved their new pyjamas!
Finally, it was time to have desserts....and relax! (My favourite part of the day ;)
Later on, the kids decided (or was it the older brother and sister???) to get out the lightsabers again. Oh man, the funniest part was when Elijah whacked Jed on the head, and right away Jed turned around and smacked Elijah right on the forehead with his new sword (thanks aunty Sarah!) It was hilarious! Scott and Nadine both had some battle wounds the next day. I tried to keep the kids out of the way...unfortunately, Eve accidentally got in the middle of their duel and had a nice swollen, red, welt on the side of her face to show for it. Poor girl. :( That ended the lightsaber fights...

After everyone went home, we cleaned up and went to bed early. Ha....that's what more responsible parents would have done, considering we had to leave early to go to Wasaga Beach the next morning. But no, we stayed up really late playing Scrabble and Wii. :)
We still got up semi early the next morning.... :/

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