Monday, November 3, 2008

What a Weekend!

Well, we had quite the weekend. It began nice and calm. We had our usual family game night on Friday. Scott bought an extra Scrabble game so we can all play now. We just use 2 boards and 2 sets of letters. Then you can go on either board...but other than that-pretty much the same. He destroyed us with 7 letter word bonuses...the girls are getting better though, so it's actually fun to play with them.

The girls arguing with Scott over a word (or "non-word" lol)

Saturday morning, Scott got up early and went to the Men's Prayer Breakfast while I slept in with Ella. Then he got home and I left for a friend's "Muffin and Make-up" party. It was nice to be able to leave Ella at home and just enjoy a few hours out. She was even pretty good while I was gone Scott said! She's such a little piggy now. She love to wolf down her cereal and fruit. She'll grab the spoon and try to jam it in her's so cute!

Now, Saturday night is when all the fun began. Jed had a bit of a cough all day, but nothing serious. Well, come Saturday night he was having trouble breathing again. We gave him his inhalers...but they didn't seem to be working quickly enough. Before his oxygen got low again I decided to take him in to the ER. We got there around 9pm and waited for 2hours before being seen by a Dr. All the while, Jed was still awake. He didn't want to sit, he didn't want to stand...he was over-tired and delirious. Oh yes, it was fun... there were people hacking all over the place, and then some girl puked all over the waiting room. It was lovely... and Jeddy was breathing better by this point...still wheezing...but better. I sooo wanted to go home. Finally they called us in where 2 men harassed the nurse for no good reason...and then claimed that she was "prejudice"...ha. Huge pet peeve of mine. Anyhow! Finally, around midnight, we got to see a doctor who told me to keep an eye on him and put him back on his inhalers. It may be asthma, hopefully not. But that's how I got to spend my "extra hour" of daylight savings time....

When we got home Scott was ready for bed and Ella was up again...she was up every hour. I don't like this whole teething at 6 months thing. :P
I stayed home Sunday morning with those two and Scott took the rest of the kids to church.
(This pic isn't actually from Sunday... I spent Sunday wearing pjs in zombie mode...)

That night I conked out on the couch for a nice, looooong nap and didn't want to get up! But I did, and we played some more Scrabble. lol

And now, it's Monday night and I'm exhausted. Craving chocolate...but having a tea. Ahhhh....

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