Thursday, November 20, 2008


Wasn't it just a week ago I was posting pictures of the kids in the leaves? Without coats on??? After all, it is fall...right? Ha... not according to my kids. It is officially "winter" here. Which is understandable considering all the cold white stuff we have outside!

The pictures aren't that great because I didn't want to take the time to figure out the perfect "snow settings" while I was freezing my hiney off outside. My kids on the other hand...well, Keona was throwing snowballs in her own face, while Elijah stuck his head in the snow like an ostrich in the sand. So after the few pictures I took, I spent an hour sitting on my counter at the window, watching my kids run around and tackle each other into the snow. Elijah punched Prayer's snow pile (?) over and so Prayer punched Elijah.... in the face. To her defense, she did have mittens on. :S

Well, that was fun. (not) But they are big enough to get themselves dressed and undressed now. They can hang up their own coats, and they don't pee themselves because I can't get the snow pants off fast enough. So no complaints!

My wonderful friend Stef brought me her old bread maker today because she just got a new one. What a huge blessing! We had a fresh loaf of onion-cheese bread with dinner. It got the kids stamp of approval. :)
So while we got a bread maker... when I attempted to warm up my rice to go with dinner I realized that my microwave wasn't working. It would turn on and spin...but no heat. My Mom told me hers had set on fire after it started doing that. So I stopped trying it. Here I am thinking, Great, the last thing we need is to have to buy a new microwave right now. Then when my Mom came to get Robbie- she had bought us a new one from Walmart! Thanks Mom! Two new, well new to us, appliances in one day. :) I'm so thankful for family, and good friends.

On another note, I have become obsessed with Grade 4 science. Is that sad? Seriously though...yesterday, Keona and I built an electromagnet. With a 'd' battery, speaker wire, a nail, and some hockey tape. (we made do with what we had! lol) It worked. I don't know if the battery was supposed to get that hot.... but it worked. Scott would have laughed at fascinated by a nail picking up paper clips. Or Elijah sitting there watching... saying, "Don't get electrocuted Mom!" ha... kinda like the time I got tired of waiting for Scott to install a door stop and decided to do it myself. I didn't realize until after I spent half an hour putting all my weight behind the drill to get this tiny hole, that I had it on... reverse. Scott loves when these type of things happen. But no... neither of us got electrocuted. Keona played with it for a while and tried it with some other things. As long as she doesn't try and hook it up to a little brother!

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