Monday, November 10, 2008

Mission's Conference Weekend

(before you read this- go back and read last Wednesday's post that I forgot to post until now... or it may not make sense.. )
I guess I'll start back at Thursday. Ella didn't sleep at all on Wednesday night, so I was extremely tired all day... I almost fell asleep at dinner. Kinda like Jeddy did on Saturday night...

So we didn't make it out again on Thursday. Though, I promised the kids that we would go on Friday night. Come Friday, I really didn't "want" to go out. I was exhausted from Ella being up, and I figured I'd just get called down to the nursery to get her anyways. But Scott said that I was going. So, I was going... lol

He had to leave early to practice with the college choir so I was left to get all the kids ready and out. Everything was going fine until about 10 minutes before we had to leave... I forgot to fold up the I had to run and do that. As, I was putting my boots on to go out the door the side seam split right open.... so I went to get panty hose and my toe went right through the end.. my only pair by the way. I stitched them up, put them back on and got on my shoes. Only to find, Ella had ripped off the dressing on her burn. Got out the gauze, antibacterail cream, and bandaid tape stuff, dressed her finger again- and out the door we go. We made it! :)

The nurseries looked a little hectic, so I offered to work down there since I figured Ella was going to be miserable anyhow. I stayed in service to sit with the kids while Scott was singing, then I headed down. It was actually a pretty quiet night. After service, we were running out to the van in the rain when Jeddy started yelling. We looked, and he had NO shoes on! Scott ran back to nursery, but they were no where to be found...they didn't show up Saturday or Sunday either... strange...
On the ride home, Keona was very quiet and she looked kind of sad so I asked her what was wrong. She said, "Nothing, I'm just so happy..."

Me: Why?
Keona: God really spoke to my heart tonight in the service. And now I know that He's calling me to be a missionary. I'm just so happy that I know what God wants me to do.

That wasn't our entire conversation... we talked the whole way home. And then when we got in, she told Scott and they talked and prayed together. It was sweet. After speaking to Pastor Baker on Sunday, she wrote down the date, and the decision she had made in her Bible. Along with the message and verses Dr Sisk preached on that night. I'm so proud of my big girl. She's growing up! Maybe the devil really didn't want her in church this week... who knows. There has to be some explanation for all of those things happening at once... I felt like I was being used for target practice. Maybe it wasn't "me" at all...oh, and in the nursery that night...Ella's tooth finally broke through and the madness ended.

Ha...and then there's Prayer. Who had the missionaries signing her Bible, that looked like this inside...

Since when do we draw in our Bibles?? And what in the world is that supposed to be??? A very freaky looking preacher? lol I had to try so hard not to laugh while I explained to her that she shouldn't be drawing in her Bible... Only Prayer. Today we had a discussion about taking care of what you need to get done, and not worrying about what others are doing. (because they took an hour to tidy up their rooms and still had stuff hidden under the bed and they were all blaming eachother)
Me: So, what do YOU need to work on?
Elijah: My temper...and not getting mad at my sisters.
Eve: Cleaning up properly, and not being lazy.
Charity: Listening to you.

Prayer: My karate chop.

Yep.... her "karate chop". Seriously???


  1. Awww Jac,
    It sounds like you had a rough week! I hate weeks like those. Im glad that everything is getting back to normal and Poor Ella is feeling better!

  2. Boy I needed a laugh and thanks to Prayer I got one! She is your daughter (but mostly Scott!)
    Love you all!

  3. haha !!! ... and I think I can remember Prayer's Aunty, Mommy and Daddy all drawing in their bibles ... and I believe we were all doin it long past her age... so we know where she gets it from!


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